The inspiration for today’s tablescape came from a bottle of wine that I spotted at the Class Six.  Daddy Bob enjoys a nice Pinot Grigio so I’m always on the lookout for some new wines to serve when he comes to visit.  How funny that the wine is called, “Mommy’s Time Out.”  Even though the wine is “technically” for Daddy Bob, the tablescape is for Mommy’s everywhere.  Because ladies… we ALL need some quiet time!

Mommy's Time Out Tablescape by


Two bottles of wine.  Two glasses.  And two Mommy’s in need of a time out.  Shhhh…. do not disturb!


Mommy's Time Out Tablescape by


Mommy’s time out is out back in the screened in porch.  Our friends call this space the Adirondack Room.  It’s quiet and peaceful and decorated just like a living room.


Mommy's Time Out Tablescape by


Mommy’s time out is deserving of the leaded crystal wine glasses.


Mommy's Time Out Tablescape by


And because I’m me… yes… the blue and white striped napkins match the pillow.  Yup.


Mommy's Time Out Tablescape by


It’s the official spot for the best relaxation at the homestead.  And the perfect spot for a time out.


Mommy's Time Out Tablescape by

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What about you?  When was the last time you had a time out?

Love, hugs, and Mommy needs a few more minutes in time out!


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