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Sometimes you need to make breakfast for an Army. It can be a holiday breakfast or brunch, for a large family, or when guests are visiting. Or, if you are a busy mom and want to make one breakfast that will last all week (and even can go in the freezer), this Crock Pot Fiesta Breakfast Casserole is perfect. It's special enough for a special occasion, and since it's made in the slow cooker, it's easy enough for every day. This Southwest style Tex-Mex casserole also has three options - comfort, Paleo, or Whole30 depending on your nutrition protocol. Get the recipe...

Crock Pot Fiesta Breakfast Casserole

Comfort - Paleo - Whole30 Options

Prep Time 20 minutes
Author Holly Bertone | Pink Fortitude


  • 12 Eggs Organic preferred
  • 1 Cup Milk Or Nut Milk
  • 1 Pound Ground Beef Grass Fed/Organic
  • 8 oz Cheese Split in Half (and optional)
  • 16 oz Jar Salsa Organic preferred
  • 2 Medium Potatoes 2-3 cups shredded
  • 2 TBSP Taco Seasoning We love Primal Palate!


  1. In a skillet, brown the meat until just slightly pink remaining, cutting up as you go.

  2. In the meantime, peel the potatoes.

  3. Using a grater, grate/shred the potatoes. Use paper towels to squeeze out the extra water.

  4. Place a Crock Pot liner in your slow cooker and spray with a baking spray.

  5. Crack all of the eggs into the crock pot.

  6. Add the milk and whisk together.

  7. Add the potatoes, beef, and all remaining ingredients. Note that you will add 1/2 the cheese (optional) at this time. Mix together.

  8. Cook on low for 8-10 hour or high for 4-6 hours.

  9. Approximately 20-30 minutes before eating, top with the remaining cheese. (optional).