Whether you are already vegan, are thinking about going vegan, or just want recipes that are free of dairy, eggs, and/or animal products, you will want to pick up a copy of The Veginner’s Cookbook. Hot off the presses, I have one copy which I’m giving away to one lucky winner (US only)! Learn more about the book and enter the giveaway!



Why Be Vegan?

There are many reasons that people want to go vegan, vegan-ish, or vegetarian. I grew up in Central Pennsylvania where we hunted for food and stored it in the freezer to feed our families all winter. I’m not against meat, and I make sure the meat I feed to the boys is organic and grass fed and humanely raised. But for me, I needed to eliminate meat and animal by-products from my diet for health reasons. They cause me extreme inflammatory responses.

While some may have issue with this statement, I consider myself “vegan-ish” since I do allow for a few exceptions. It’s for health reasons. Fortunately, I have great support from my family and friends. Not everyone though is this fortunate. Vegans are often bombarded with the same questions and arguments over and over again:

  • Are you really a vegan if you buy vegan cheese and meat alternatives?
  • We are carnivores, we’re at the top of the food chain. We need protein to survive. It’s only natural!
  • You can’t change the world all by yourself, can you?
  • I get that you avoid meat, but milk and eggs?
  • I could never go through with this.

The Veginner’s Cookbook answers these questions and more.

The Veginner’s Cookbook

I learned the hard way that learning to cook and bake vegan is difficult. The Veginner’s Cookbook is the answer to anyone looking to learn how to cook vegan.

The bloggers and foodie couple behind Elephantastic Vegan, Bianca Haun and Sascha Naderer bring 75 delicious plant-based recipes to the table. The Veginner’s Cookbook is for anyone thinking about transitioning to a vegan diet or having difficulties maintaining a vegan lifestyle; Bianca and Sascha call them #veginners.

In their debut cookbook, Bianca and Sascha combine their favorite easy recipes with their knowledge about how to handle difficult situations as a vegan. Readers will learn how to make easy vegan swapping alternatives and time-saving tricks, order at restaurants, and what to tell family and friends. The Veginner’s Cookbook is designed for everyday use, and all recipes are made from sample ingredients and instructions that any #veginner can follow.



The Veginner’s Cookbook is so much more than just a cookbook. It’s the perfect guide for new vegans and the veg-curious, including a variety of kitchen hacks and articles that will help you make the switch!

The Veginner’s Cookbook includes:

  • 75+ veginner-friendly and well-tested recipes (80% are exclusive, never-seen-before recipes) from all categories, such as basics, breakfast foods, soups, main meals, breads, snacks and party foods, sauces and dressings and of course: desserts.
  • Bianca’s Kitchen Hacks helps you find out some tricks and shortcuts for the vegan cook. Cooking is not your strong suit? That’s okay, articles such as ‘How to spot the perfectly ripe avocado’ and ‘How not to explode soup all over your kitchen when mixing hot liquids in a blender’ are here to help!
  • Sascha’s Landmine Situations are little guides to help you through your first steps of veganism. Snarky comments by coworkers? Look up ‘at the workplace’. Nagging parents? Check out ‘when visiting relatives’. Broke? ‘How to be vegan on a budget’ has got you covered!
  • A list of essential pantry, freezer and fridge staples for new vegans
  • Helpful articles for Veginners, such as ‘How to avoid disputing your dietary preferences’ or ‘Substitutes that will make you forget about non-vegan food’.


 Enter the Giveaway


The giveaway runs from Wednesday, January 31st, 01:00 AM EST through Tuesday, February 13th, 11:45 PM EST. Open to US only.

Good luck!

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