How to Thrive in the Workplace with Autoimmune Disease

Talking Points:

  • My health journey with breast cancer and Hashimoto’s
  • The difference between my treatment in the workplace between cancer and Autoimmune Disease
  • Is Autoimmune Disease considered a legal disability in the United States?
  • Should I tell my employer about my condition?
  • What do I need to know about FMLA and ADA?
  • What are some accommodations that individuals with autoimmune disease can ask for in the workplace?

For Employers: The Growing Trend of Autoimmune Disease in the Workplace

Talking Points:

  • My story of disability discrimination
  • What is Autoimmune Disease?
  • Is Autoimmune Disease a disability?
  • The reality of employees with Autoimmune Disease and the ramifications on productivity, morale, and turnover
  • Reasonable accommodations for Autoimmune Disease

How Gratitude Builds Fortitude

Talking Points:

  • My health journey with breast cancer and Hashimoto’s
  • The science behind gratitude
  • How gratitude builds fortitude
  • Steps to take to build your own gratitude practice
  • The Gratitude Builds Fortitude 30-Day Challenge
  • My own ninja gratitude practice

How to be Productive at Home and at Work with a Chronic Illness

Talking Points:

  • My health journey with breast cancer and Hashimoto’s
  • How I went from a corporate climbing multi-tasking diva to dealing with chronic fatigue and cognition issues
  • Why traditional priority planning and to-do lists don’t always work with chronic illness
  • The 4-step process of regaining your productivity at work and at home

Breast Cancer Was My Gift

Talking Points:

  • My breast cancer diagnosis – on my birthday and engaged 2 days later
  • My treatment and journey from diagnosis to “I Do”
  • Why breast cancer was my gift
  • How you can look at your diagnosis differently
  • The power of gratitude

Transform Your Pantry – Transform Your Life

Talking Points:

  • My health journey with breast cancer and Hashimoto’s
  • What is your why? What are your fears?
  • What is your system? What is your budget?
  • Is your family on board? How do you get them on board?
  • The 10-step process of how to make your pantry a disease-fighting machine

BIO – Holly Bertone, CNHP, PMP

Holly Bertone, PMP, CNHP, is the #1 bestselling author of the book Thriving in the Workplace with Autoimmune Disease: Know Your Rights, Resolve Conflict, and Reduce Stress, the first book ever to educate others on autoimmune disease as a legal disability in the U.S. workplace. She is a highly sought-after speaker and wellness expert and the leading authority on Autoimmune Disease in the workplace.

Holly spent the first 10 years of her career in Human Resources, primarily as a recruiter. After working for the prestigious consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, she was invited into federal government service as the Chief of Staff for one of our nation’s top national security offices. From there, she spent 15 years in Project Management.

Holly Bertone is currently the President and CEO of Pink Fortitude, LLC, and founder of Fortitude.Academy and the health and wellness website As a breast cancer and Hashimoto’s survivor, she turned these two significant health challenges into a passion to help transform lives for women with chronic illness.

Holly is a Project Management Professional (PMP), holds a Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins University, and is a Certified Natural Health Professional.

In her free time, she loves to garden, and hit flea markets and yard sales. Holly is married to a retired Green Beret, is a stepmother, and lives in Alexandria, VA.


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