These 15 women aren’t just awesome moms, but they have made it their life mission to honor Mother Earth. Three cheers for awesome moms everywhere… and a standing ovation for this group – the 15 top moms honoring Mother Earth. Find out what they are doing and why they are so passionate about it.


These 14 women aren't just awesome moms, but they have made it their life mission to honor Mother Earth. Three cheers for awesome moms everywhere... and a standing ovation for this group - the 14 top moms honoring Mother Earth. Find out what they are doing and why they are so passionate about it.


The 15 Top Moms

From a few celebrity moms that you will recognize to our everyday heroes from around the world, these women juggle caring for their children and families and also the planet. I decided to go in alphabetical order as to not say one mom’s ranking is better than another. Hopefully, their stories will inspire you to make some small (or BIG!) changes in your life to vote with your dollars and support these women and their companies that truly are making the world a better place.



Jessica Alba

Honest Company


Jessica Alba’s story began with a simple desire: to make the right choices for our families. “We were parents in search of safe options, but unsure of where to turn. We needed one brand that we could go to for trusted products and information. And when we couldn’t find what we were looking for — and realized we weren’t alone — the idea for Honest was born.”

The Honest Company is a wellness brand with values rooted in consciousness, community, transparency and design. “We’re on a mission to empower people to live happy, healthy lives. Every day and in every way, we hold ourselves to an Honest standard. Because we believe that what you put on, in and around your body matters. A lot.”

“I founded The Honest Company because I wanted safe, effective products that perform. After all, you shouldn’t have to choose between what works and what’s good for you.” – JESSICA ALBA, FOUNDER

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Suzy Amis Cameron


Suzy Amis Cameron co-founded MUSE School CA, the country’s first vegan K-12 school with a 100% plant-based lunch program. The school is also zero waste and 100% solar powered. She also founded Red Carpet Green Dress, a global initiative showcasing sustainable fashion on the red carpet. Additional accolades include:

  • Co-founding Plant Power Task Force, an organization showing the impact of animal agriculture on climate change and the environment.
  • Founder of Cameron Family Farms and Food Forest Organics, a plant-based cafe and market in New Zealand.

Her book, OMD: Swap One Meal a Day to Get Healthy, Live Longer, and Save the Planet will be published in fall of 2018. Amis Cameron a mother of four children, and is married to Hollywood director James Cameron.



Gracie Cavnar

Recipe for Success Foundation


Gracie Cavnar founded The Recipe for Success Foundation. “We began in the schools, giving monthly hands-on classes that put children in touch with their food from seed to plate and we made it fun. We started adding gardens and built the program from there to include after-school, summer camp, parent classes, and community outreach.  Our strategy is powerful.  Children are changing their habits and attitudes, surprising themselves by trying and even liking vegetables that they would never even touch before.  Parents report that their children now want to help cook and more often reach for the healthier option without prompting.  In 2013, we scaled our proven Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™, making it available to any school, anywhere.”

“Now in our 11th year, our programs have empowered more than 30,000 children in Houston and beyond with the knowledge and skills they need to lead healthier lives. The Foundation works to create a culture where nutritious food is shared, appreciated, and celebrated. Through our award-winning efforts like the nationally offered Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™ in schools, Eat It! Food Adventures children’s cookbooks, farmers marKIDS DAYS and the VegOut! 30-Day Challenge, and the Hope Farms urban agriculture project in Houston, the Foundation works to make healthy food appealing and available to everyone.”



Toni Desrosiers



Toni Dosrosiers founded Abeego, a reusable beeswax wrap that protects food like a natural peel or rind would, allowing it to stay fresh longer. This product helps to eliminate the need for plastic wrap in the kitchen. Abeego is made with beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oil inflused into a hemp and organic cotton cloth so it is totally natural, compostable, and antibacterial.

Toni and Abeego are from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She enjoys spending time in her own garden with her daughter.

“There is no future without great ideas and the women who are brave enough to bring them to the world.” – Toni Desrosiers

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Carolyn Harrington

Maty’s Healthy Products


Carolyn Harrington is the founder of Maty’s Healthy Products, which is affectionately named after her daughter. Maty’s is leading the way for all-natural remedies to our aches, pains, colds, and coughs.

After having three boys, Harrington’s daughter Maty was born with major heart defects and subsequently a weakened immune system. In addition to chasing four kids around the yard, Harrington founded Maty’s to help her own family and families around the world live healthier, more natural lives.

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Amanda Hume

Vert Beauty


Amanda Hume, a mother of two, is a beauty industry veteran. In 2013, Hume opened VERT beauty, a Denver based boutique of natural and organic beauty products.

“VERT simply means green in French. VERT Beauty offers only the finest organic and natural beauty products that nourish your skin and leave you looking radiant and healthy. At VERT Beauty, we offer everyone a wide selection of handpicked natural and organic beauty products and have a team of highly trained makeup artists, cosmetologists, and estheticians who will help you look your beautiful best – the green way.”

“I love it when a customer comes in curious about green beauty and I am able to help them find products that will truly change their lives.”  – Amanda Hume

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Lynn Julian and Chance Claxton

U Konserve


“U Konserve is the result of two mothers’ Lynn Julian and Chance Claxton struggle to be environmentally conscious as their families grew. As they packed school lunches, they knew the plastic baggies, drink cartons and single-use containers leaving their homes were destined for landfill. With this in mind, they created a waste-free lunch kit, and in 2008 U Konserve was born. The desire was to have an impact beyond just creating durable, long-lasting products. The goal was to offer reusable and innovative solutions to change behavior and help the planet. That is the same goal that drives our mission today.”

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Jody Kaulukukui

The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii


Jody Kaulukukui negotiates land transactions for The Nature Conservancy of Hawaiʻi. “I work closely with our scientists to identify properties that have the best remaining native habitat. It is my job to try to see that those parcels are legally protected either by the Conservancy or one of our partners. To us, legally protected means the important conservation values will be protected forever. In some cases, the land is donated, but in others, we purchase it either at fair market value or at a discount. Each transaction is done only with willing sellers, and each one takes a lot of letters—and patience.”

“In addition to my duties at the Conservancy, I am raising six sons. Protecting the native Hawaiian plants and animals is important to me, not just as a conservationist, but because it is a way to protect and perpetuate my Hawaiian culture for my children. I now encourage my sons to write letters when they feel strongly about something, but to be patient, because important things can take time.”

“I am lucky to have a job that allows me to continue the work I started when I was five. Plus, if you ask my kids what I do, they will tell you that “Mommy saves the planet” – and that makes it all worthwhile.” – Jody Kaulukukui



Stella McCartney


She is the daughter of Beatles royalty Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney. But her life’s mission goes far beyond her birthright. Designer and mother of four Stella McCartney is a strong supporter of animal rights. She does not use any leather or fur in her designs. Her skincare line CARE is 100% organic. She was also featured in the book, The Sustainable Fashion Handbook.



Kat Nouri



Kat Nouri grew up with a healthy upbringing and wanted to pass that down to her own three children. “Although she was preparing healthy, fresh food for her family, she was storing it in plastic bags and containers—which leached dangerous chemicals and gasses when they were subjected to heat. Knowing that BPA was just one of the hundreds of chemicals that went into plastics. On top of it, she never felt good using products that would go to landfills for hundreds of years, destroy the environment, find their way back into our food, water and bodies. This realization shook her to her core—the cycle had to be broken.”

Nouri founded Stasher, an award-winning design that is an eco-friendly, environmentally safe, and long-lasting alternative to plastic.

SHOP –> Stasher



Gregg Renfrew



Gregg Renfrew, a mother of three, launched Beautycounter in 2013, a beauty company dedicated to non-toxic ingredients. Renfrew established a list of 1,500 commonly used chemical ingredients that Beautycounter avoids using, called “The Never List.” Renfrew also lobbies for transparency of ingredients in the cosmetics industry. Through her Beautycounter’s business model, she also empowers women and mompretreneurs.

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Shazi Visram

Happy Family


Shazi Visram is the founder of Happy Family, an organic baby food company. She made it her mission to positively impact the health of our children and give back to those who are in need. Happy Family offers a comprehensive assortment of organic meals and snacks.

SHOP –> Happy Family



Nicole Wakely



Nicole Wakley created TREE, an international eco-friendly furniture business. TREE has over 75 employees in Hong Kong and the United States. “Each piece of furniture TREE sells is made from recycled materials that, as Wakley puts it, showcase the “beauty of imperfection” — materials like reclaimed wood from boats and recycled paper, for example. To source these special items, Wakley has sought out and forged relationships with a vast network of partners and individual artisans in Asia and the United States who make furniture in small batches.”

Tree has also partnered with Trees4Trees, a nonprofit committed to planting trees around the world.

“I wanted my children to grow up in nature, grounded by Mother Earth, running around barefoot in a back garden.” – Nicole Wakely



These 14 women aren't just awesome moms, but they have made it their life mission to honor Mother Earth. Three cheers for awesome moms everywhere... and a standing ovation for this group - the 14 top moms honoring Mother Earth. Find out what they are doing and why they are so passionate about it.


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Love, hugs, and honoring Mom and Mother Earth.

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