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How to Make the Transition to a Healthy Lifestyle consists of the techniques cancer survivor Holly Bertone used to transition her home to be gluten-free, sugar free, vegan, toxic free, and organic. She walks you through the steps of how she transitioned her family’s food, personal care, and cleaning products from normal every-day chemical-laden items to an all-natural and organic home.  In addition to walking you through the process, she provides resources and printables and some easy DIY’s you can make yourself, along with a shopping list of her favorite products and stores. Regardless of what changes you are making, and whether they are for yourself or your family, the concepts provided in this book are universal.



Did you purchase the paperback copy of Thriving in the Workplace with Autoimmune Disease? Thank you!!!  I am grateful to you and hope that this book gives you the resources and hope that you need.

There are a quite a few website links in the Kindle version and the tech gurus of the world haven’t figured out how to make hyperlinks out of paper… yet. So, I wanted to share some of the resources with you via pdf to make it easier for you to find them online.


Drops of Fortitude is written by cancer survivor Holly Bertone to help inspire other individuals going through cancer treatment. This book is gender and cancer neutral and is a life anthem for anyone who is struggling through not just cancer, but any difficult life situation. Learn how to find your inner strength and your personal fortitude and rise above your illness. Holly also provides a segment on how to survive cancer like an Army Ranger. She dishes out some tough love, but you will gain a new perspective on finding peace and strength during your treatment.


We’ve all heard about trusting your gut or listening to your gut. But did you know that your gut can help you lose weight and be healthier?

I used to always think that my epic IBS issues were how life was supposed to be. There were days I would go to the bathroom and have 5 or 6 “space shuttle launches” as I called them. Too much TMI, I know. But keeping it real here folks. There were days that I would be a few feet away from the bathroom door and run back in. I was miserable and my bum was always sad.

Little did I know that by listening to my gut and eliminating certain foods that I could completely eliminate IBS.  Completely. 100%. Bye Felicia. I now have very normal poops and a very happy bum. I know you are thrilled for me, but I’m sure you are much more interested in how this gut whispering thing can help you, right?

What is your story? IBS? Heartburn? Migraines? Acid Reflux? Unexplained weight gain?

YOU can be your own gut whisperer. You CAN learn how to listen to your gut and learn which foods are good for you. Personally. You. Get emotionally prepared, a little weight loss and a healthier body may be a side effect!

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