I am selfish and I’m proud of it. Let me turn your world upside down and encourage you to be selfish too.  I promise you, you won’t regret it!


I am selfish and I'm proud of it. Let me turn your world upside down and encourage you to be selfish too.  I promise you, you won't regret it!


Huh?  Um, Holly, I thought you were all about putting goodness out there in the world?  Now you are talking about being selfish?  Have you lost your mind?  (Seriously, friends, I know this is what you are thinking – don’t even try to hide it.)

Stay with me and hear me out.

As women, we typically find ourselves as caregivers. We care for our kids. We care for our spouse. We care for our parents. We care for our neighbors. We care for the members of our church. The list goes on and on. If something needs to be done, we step up to do it.

If you work outside of the home, you come home, and continue to work and take care of your family.

Mamma does not get any rest.

If you go to that quiet place and look at yourself in the mirror, how many of you are happy?  Really, truly, honestly happy?  Are you happy with yourself and your life?  Are you happy with your weight?  Are you happy with your job?  Are you happy with your marriage?  Are you happy with your kids?  Are you happy with the cleanliness of your house?


Beginning Now

The beginning of January is the time of year that we evaluate our lives, make empty promises called New Years Resolutions, and by January 12th, go back to the same ole rut we are used to.

This year, I challenge you to make a commitment to be selfish. Not in a narcissistic or hedonistic way, but in a mindful, healing, and self caring way.  I challenge you to focus on SELF to find that place of inner peace so that you have the space in your heart and home to give and love and live life like you want to.

You know what they train you to do if you are ever in an airplane accident? You put on your oxygen mask first, and then take care of those around you. If you pass out, you are no good to anyone else. This analogy speaks volumes for our lives.


How to Be Selfish 101

If you are like me and most people, we make the mistake of comparing our lives to what is out there on Facebook and Pinterest.  If you haven’t already figured it out, the people’s lives that you see on Facebook and Pinterest is “fake.” Don’t try and compare yourself to your friends, your family, your neighbors, or anything you see online. This is about you and you only.

Take a moment to stop. Just stop and think. Think about your life and how you want it to look. Realistically. And then start making baby changes to get there.  Find a happy and obtainable place somewhere in the Goldilocks middle, and make it real for you to implement.  Little daily changes to make your life better in the way you want it to be better.

“I don’t have time in our schedule to do anything.” Got it. But make the time. Today, I’m going to…. Today, I’m NOT going to…

What is your oxygen mask? Getting your nails done? Meditating? Going for a walk or taking a yoga class or going to the gym? Having your Hubby do the dishes? Spending 30 minutes to read a book or the Bible? Saying no to all of the “extras?”

The goal is to put yourself in that place of peace where you have taken care of yourself first so that you have the bandwidth to give all of your best self to those you love.

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming year, and sharing it with you. We are in this journey together.  Let’s be selfish this year, and make it one of the best.


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I am selfish and I'm proud of it. Let me turn your world upside down and encourage you to be selfish too.  I promise you, you won't regret it!


Love, hugs, and it’s all about me… and you.


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