There is something so cozy and comforting about a rustic Christmas vignette, especially to greet you on the front porch.  Mine has some funky junk involved, and a pretty funny backstory.

Rustic Christmas Porch Vignette by #branches #galvanized #burlap


When we moved to the Homestead in 2011, I was bound and determined to have a sled on my front porch at Christmas.  Hubby and I hit the antique stores and I found one at a good price.  I still need to pick up a pair of old skates.  In the meantime, I tied a bow with some holly themed burlap ribbon (holly… get it… snicker… snicker…) and added a um… no clue what those things are called… the decorative thingies you use to make wreaths.  Yeah, that’s it.


Rustic Christmas Porch Vignette by #branches #galvanized #burlap


We picked up the galvanized steel bucket at an antique store on the way home from Snowsgiving with the family (awesome pics posted on Facebook BTW – we got about a foot of snow in the Hudson Valley).  It was pretty rusted, but cheap.  Hubby had an extra burlap sack that I tied with the same holly themed burlap ribbon and ornament thingy.


Rustic Christmas Porch Vignette by #branches #galvanized #burlap


Ok, so the story.  Hubby and Stepson are working on the property one weekend morning.  I am inside and can hear the lawn mower and leaf blower and chain saw and they are working like rock stars.  Hubby cut down some branches that were a little too close to the power lines.  Stepson gathered them up and put them in a wheelbarrow and…. taking… them… away…. WWWWWAAAAAAIIIIIIITTTTT!!!!!  I go running outside at full speed and grabbed as many as I could while the boys stared at me and laughed.  They are used to all of the craziness involved in being family members of a mommy blogger.  But this was a new one for them.


Rustic Christmas Porch Vignette by #branches #galvanized #burlap


I debated about adding lights to the vignette, but I think it’s fine the way it is.  Doesn’t it make you want to come inside and curl up by the fire?


Rustic Christmas Porch Vignette by #branches #galvanized #burlap


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Rustic Christmas Porch Vignette by #branches #galvanized #burlap


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What about you?  How do you decorate your porch for Christmas?

Love, hugs, and branching out.


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