The dust has finally settled over the whole Running of the Lilly debacle at Target.  But wait – there’s more!  Today’s tablescape will forever go down in history as The Running of the Lilly Tablescape.  Yes, I stood in line.  Yes, I managed to pick up a few items which will be featured on the tablescape.  And yes, despite all of the haters out there, I sold a few items on eBay.  You need to know why.

The Running of the Lilly Tablescape by #lillyfortarget


I had no idea that the debut of Lilly Pulizer for Target would turn into such a crazy event.  When I couldn’t get on the website in the morning, I decided to head over to Target to pick up a few items.  When I pulled into the parking lot, I was in shock.  I had no idea that so many women would be standing in line.  I was one of maybe 500 or so who were in line, waiting anxiously for the doors to open.


The Running of the Lilly Tablescape by #lillyfortarget


While everyone made a bee-line to the clothing section, I sprinted to the back of the store to the home section and picked up a few items. I didn’t bother with a shopping cart as it was too cumbersome for the adventures of the day, so I only picked up what I could carry to the front of the store.  In an instant, something clicked and I realized that this could be the catalyst that Hubby and I needed to open our eBay business that we’ve been talking about for years.  Mind you – I only had two arms to carry the items.  But I did pick up a few extras to see if this eBay thing could work for us.  It was a great trial run for our business.


The Running of the Lilly Tablescape by #lillyfortarget


Meanwhile, back at the kitchen table, the Lilly Pulitzer for Target pieces are the salad plates, the tumblers, and the scarf that doubled as today’s tablecloth.  I thought everything paired nicely with the lime green picnic utensils.


The Running of the Lilly Tablescape by #lillyfortarget


The tulips were in bloom in the garden, so fresh tulips in a vintage milk glass basket vase made up today’s centerpiece.


The Running of the Lilly Tablescape by #lillyfortarget


I cut the tulips first thing in the morning, and they still had droplets of dew on them.  So special.


The Running of the Lilly Tablescape by #lillyfortarget


To address all of the haters of the Running of the Lilly –

Yes, I sold three items on eBay.  I made a whopping $40 total from those three items.  And even worse, I turned around and used that extra money at Home Depot to purchase items to donate to Stepson’s vegetable garden project at school.  At the end of the day, three ladies received the Lilly items they wanted at barely over retail cost.  Target, Lilly Pulitzer, eBay, and Home Depot all received pieces of profit from my activities.  And Stepson’s class was able to complete their garden project.  Wow.  All of this free market mambo jambo is really hurting the world, don’t you agree?  I obviously don’t approve of the pushing and shoving and bad behavior, but there is no need for all of this hate on our free enterprise. (shake it off shake it off…)


The Running of the Lilly Tablescape by #lillyfortarget

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What about you?  What were your thoughts over the Lilly hysteria?

Love, hugs, and running to make a tablescape


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