One of the hallmarks of the Peace, Love, and Chocolate party is the Retro Pink Champagne Cake.  Today I will share how to make this pinktacular cake and its recipe.  It’s perfect for a baby shower or any other pink party!

Pink Champagne Cake Recipe by coconutheadsurvivalguide


The recipe is from the 1950’s and I can only imagine ladies all dressed up drinking tea and eating a slice of this cake.  The first year I made it, I made both the cake and the frosting from scratch.  Great idea in theory… bad idea in execution.  Sometimes, you just have to channel your inner Sandra Lee and go semi-homemade.  For those of you who aren’t professional bakers, here is my easy peezy way to make a beautiful party cake.  If I can do it, you can do it too!


retro pink champagne cake recipe


Now, I made the cake from scratch, used good ole Betty Crocker frosting, and then p*mped it out.  If you click on the recipe card, it will open a new window for a printable version.


Retro Pink Champagne Cake Recipe by Coconut Head's Survival Guide


I used 2 cake rounds the same size (8-9 inches maybe?) for the base layer, then a smaller cake round for the top (I had to double the recipe).  Strawberry frosting in a can thanks to Betty Crocker makes frosting the cake that much easier.

Candy pearls adorn the cake.  Rumor has it that they are more difficult to put on the side – they can slide off, so I made sure they were on a flat surface.


retro pink champagne cake recipe


I used bottle frosting with the rosette tip.  See how easy I make this?

I took a piece of fondant, rolled it out, and then cut strips to make a ribbon.  I’m not a fondant girl and am always a little scared to work with it, but for the most part, it’s harmless.  A pain in the neck, but harmless.

Fresh raspberries add a colorful garnish.  It’s not professional, I know.  But good for a clumsy baker and I love making this homemade cake every year… it’s always the centerpiece of conversation!

Want to learn from a professional how to decorate a cake and make fondant?

Online Cake Decorating Class


Here’s what I’ve learned with making a fancy cake… or any cake for that matter.  People don’t want to mess up the pretty cake.  So you have to cut pieces to serve… and make sure that there is one piece missing.  Trust me, works every time!


Love, hugs, and eating the first piece.


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