You are on countdown to host your epic Halloween party, but what about your epic playlist of Haunted tunes to rock out the night?


The Ultimate Halloween Party Playlist by #music


I received a lot of fun feedback from the playlist I put together for our Patriot’s Palooza party, I thought I would share the Halloween playlist we are playing at our party.  A successful Halloween party is all about setting the scene.  It needs to be dark and spooky, and the music needs to match the mood.  We tried the spooky sounds and other kinds of Halloween music, but found that the din of our party-goers chatting and enjoying themselves drown out the creeks and groans of the traditional Halloween background music.  This playlist is a little different than what we normally listen too, but it combines music that comes together for the perfect Halloween party playlist.


The Halloween playlist is over five hours of songs to last through your entire party.  While this playlist is best played on random shuffle, for your convenience, I organized the list by category and then in alphabetical order:


1.  Halloween Themed Songs – think Monster Mash, Thriller, Ghostbuster.

2.  Perfect Songs for a Halloween Party – anything by Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne and more.

3. Songs Everyone Will Enjoy – Jessie’s Girl, Let’s Dance, Sweet Home Alabama – all of the old stand-by’s.

4.  So the Kids Don’t Think We are Old Fogies – Justin Bieber, Fancy, Party Rock – the ones the kids know and love.


Click HERE for the Ultimate Halloween Party Playlist


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What about you?  What is your favorite Halloween or Halloween-esque song?


Love, hugs, and doing the monster mash.



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