Despite Mother Nature crashing the party with several inches of snow, the 2015 Peace, Love, and Chocolate fundraiser for breast cancer was a huge success.  Today, you can enjoy the fun, festivities, partyscape, and chocolate vicariously.  And vicarious chocolate doesn’t have any calories.  PS – You can also use this partyscape as inspiration for a baby shower or any other pink party.


Peace Love Chocolate Party in Pink by #breastcancer #fundraiser #babyshower


The Fundraising

The ladies were greeted with pink and pink ribbon lanterns as they walked into the house.  The fundraising station was set up with educational materials and the raffle prizes.


Peace Love Chocolate Party in Pink by #breastcancer #fundraiser #babyshower


The two charities that we support are the Tigerlily Foundation and the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation.  Online donations are still being accepted at the links below.


Donate to Tigerlily Foundation by Coconut Head's Cancer Survival Guide

Donate to Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation by Coconut Head's Survival Guide


The Chocolate Room

Without a doubt, the highlight of the party is the chocolate room.  Those who have attended in the past make a bee-line to the chocolate room to see the partyscape and enjoy the several hundred homemade truffles.


Peace Love Chocolate Party in Pink by #breastcancer #fundraiser #babyshower


It’s a pink and chocolate wonderland!  Our guests enjoyed all of the chocolates, and the next day, the leftovers were donated to the local fire station.  Last year, we had around 75 ladies; this year was closer to around 40, which was amazing considering the snow storm we had that day!


Peace Love Chocolate Party in Pink by #breastcancer #fundraiser #babyshower



Peace Love Chocolate Party in Pink by #breastcancer #fundraiser #babyshower


The flowers were donated and dispersed throughout the fundraiser.  They were then donated to the local hospital the day after.


Peace Love Chocolate Party in Pink by #breastcancer #fundraiser #babyshower


I found these pink curtains at Target.   The normal curtains took a break and were temporarily replaced with these to give the room a fun, festive, and pink vibe.


Peace Love Chocolate Party in Pink by #breastcancer #fundraiser #babyshower


The Chocolates

Some of the favorite chocolate confections were the Godiva Truffles, Thin Mint Truffles and Aunt Dot’s Buckeyes.


Godiva Truffles by #recipe #chocolate #valentinesday


Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint Truffles by


old fashioned buckeye recipe by


Peace, Love, and Chocolate 2015 Results

After several hundred truffles, several inches of snow, and the generous donations in person and online, we raised over $3,000 for these amazing breast cancer organizations!

Love, hugs, and many thanks to all for a successful day!


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