Where is that…???


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If your house is like mine, there are random bits and pieces you need to wrangle on a weekly basis.  These are the items that don’t even have a name they are so random.  When you build a piece of furniture, they are the leftover pieces.  They are leftover fuses or cords or directions or anything really that doesn’t have a normal home in your organized house.



1.  Secure them IMMEDIATELY.  Grab a plastic bag and a sharpie.  Write the name of the furniture, project, etc on the bag.




2.  Keep a larger box marked just for these items.  Throw them in.




Now, I do admit, 99% of the time, you are never going to need that random spare part.  But if you do… head on over to your box and it will be clearly marked.


Love, hugs, and wrangling the randoms.