I know what you are thinking… Holly my dear… have you lost your rocker… next Christmas?  Once all of the craziness is over and you are ready to box up all of your decorations, a little planning now will save you many headaches later.  Five easy steps.  Trust me.


Why it's Better to Organize Now for Next Christmas


I’ve learned a lot over the last couple of years, and let me share with you… it’s worth it to take the time now to organize, because Christmas next year will be much smoother.  MUCH.  SMOOTHER.


  1.  Make an inventory list of items that you need for next year.  Start your list now, and keep it going until you are boxing everything up.  Whether you are out of wrapping paper, your red bows are worn, you need new lights, new cards… this way you can hit the after Christmas sales at your leisure, and know exactly what you need to buy when it comes time for next year.  Staple or paper clip your list into your 2015 calendar in November, so it’s there exactly where and when you need it.
  2. Don’t be afraid to purge.  If you haven’t used it, it’s not sentimental, and you don’t like it… donate it or toss it.
  3. Organize your boxes by room or space.  All of your outside decorations and lights go into one box.  Your living room decorations go into one box.  Your wrapping supplies in one box.  This way is different than the traditional way of packing everything up by category.  Next year, you pull out the box, and all of the items for that specific location are all in the same box.
  4. Label your boxes, and even better if you can use seasonal colors like red or green.  This is common sense, but I still had to go there.
  5. Reverse order how you put away the boxes.  For example, if wrapping presents is the last thing you do, then it will be the first to put away.  If you write your cards or put up your outside decorations first, then put them away last, so they are right up front.  This requires a little bit of thinking and planning, but we are all creatures of habit, and I guarantee you decorate the same way every year.  Line up your boxes in reverse order and be sure to have the labels sticking out so you can see them.


When you need storage for all of your holiday decorations, The Container Store has a robust selection!





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What about you?  How do you like to organize your holiday decorations after Christmas?


Love, hugs, and making life a little easier, one piece of tinsel at a time.




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