WARNING and DISCLAIMER:  The information you are about to read contains dangerous activities.  Gutting pumpkins is an inherently dangerous activity.  Do not use knives with wet or slimy hands, wet or slimy cutting surfaces, wet or slimy pumpkins, or while standing on a wet or slimy floor.  Do not use knives when drunk.  Do not let children handle knives.  Do not eat raw pumpkin meat or seeds.  Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.  Neither myself, nor Pink Fortitude, LLC is responsible for your stupidity, incompetence, or accidental misfortune. Are we good?  It’s time to learn how to gut a pumpkin for food and puree.

How to Gut a Pumpkin for Food by coconutheadsurvivalguide.com


Now the fun may begin.  So you have a bunch of pumpkins on your porch and you want to be frugal and provide food for your family.  The big pumpkins are no good.  But the little pumpkins aka the pie pumpkins are your best bet to gut.


1.  Wash/scrub the outside of the pumpkin and let dry.

2.  Once the pumpkin is dry, you want to cut it up.  Start by cutting off one quarter, and then cut each additional quarter.  The best way is to start in the middle and cut down, go back to the middle incision and cut the other way.


How to Gut a Pumpkin for Food by coconutheadsurvivalguide.com


3.  Typically the seeds are dense in the middle so the sides will be relatively meaty rather than seedy.  I like to cut first, scrub up, dry off, and then de-seed.  But however it works for you or your pumpkin with the order you cut and seed.  Just remember not to use knives while any surface on you or what you are cutting is wet or pumpkin seed slimy.


4.  The smaller you cut up the pumpkins, the more you can fit into a crock pot.  The bigger the slices, the less time it will take later on.  It’s a toss up.  There are 2 sides of the fence on the goop attached to the meat.  I don’t care and cook it with my pumpkin meat and/or seeds.  Some folks completely clean it off.  Your choice.


5.  Put your pumpkin slices in the crock pot.  Cook on low for about 4 hours, when the meat is soft.


Gut Pumpkin 2


6.  In the meantime, put your seeds on a tray, salt ’em up, and put in the oven at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes to an hour, turning every 15 minutes.


Gut Pumpkin 3


7.  Once the pumpkin is cooked, let cool slightly, and use a large spoon to scrape out the meat.


Gut Pumpkin 6


8.  Discard or compost the outer skin/shell of the pumpkin.  Your pumpkin meat is ready for the food processor!


Gut Pumpkin 4


9.  Put the pumpkin meat in the food processor and run until smooth, like a puree or the consistency of baby food.


Gut Pumpkin 5



Gut Pumpkin 7


10.  Measure out 1 or 2 cups and put in a bag and freeze for future use.  This will take the place of canned pumpkin puree for pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, etc.


Gut Pumpkin 8


I won’t lie… this is messy, dangerous, and time consuming.  Your prize is that you get to eat the seeds right away, and your freezer will be stocked with many bags of fresh frozen pumpkin which will last… well… until you eat it all!


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What about you?  Have you ever gutted a pumpkin for food?

Love, hugs, and I can’t wait to make homemade pumpkin pie!!!!!


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