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Whether you are curious about using all natural bath and body products, want to learn more about mindful living and nutrition, or to eliminate the stress in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Maybe you want to dip your little toe into the water. Maybe you already embrace the lifestyle and want to learn more. All are welcome here.

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About Holly Bertone

Holly Bertone is a Certified Essential Oils Coach, and Certified Natural Health Professional, and prides herself on providing a space that is open to all. No pressure. No judgement. Just accurate and safe information about living a cleaner and greener lifestyle.

Healthy Mind & Body Articles

What a Parasite Cleanse is REALLY Like

Gather around kids, I'm getting real and raw and totally gross today because we're going to discuss what a parasite cleanse is REALLY like. I'm going to share my own journey in graphic detail (no photos though so don't worry!) and help you to get emotionally prepared...

52 Ways to Be Healthier This Year

There are 52 weeks in the year. What does that mean? Fifty-two different ways to be healthier this year. We did the unthinkable and pulled together 52 of our favorite articles and topics to help your health and wellness journey... all year long. Are you ready to take...

10 Weird Health Hacks That Drs Swear By (and they really work!)

When I hosted the Mystery Symptom Summit, I had no idea of the wealth of information I would learn from the doctors who I interviewed. A lot of the information was common sense. But these 10 weird health hacks stood out more than all of the others. The doctors swear...

Healthy Mind & Body Resources

Microbe Formula - Detox and Parasites

Headspace Meditation App

Gaiam Meditation

Swannies Blue Blocker Glasses

Organic Tampons from Honest Co.

Dry Brush Kit

Life Extension Vitamins and Supplements

Sunlighten Sauna

Beautycounter All-Natural Makeup

Beautycounter All-Natural Skincare

Primal Life Organics All Natural Tooth Powder and Whitening

Madison Reed All-Natural Hair Color

All Natural Beauty at Target

Veteran Owned All Natural Bath Products for Men

Healthy Mind & Body Books

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