You know that room in your house that is totally functional, but needs a lot of TLC – that was our guest bath.  In the before, you will see a lot of mildew, several different shades of purple, and one big ole hole in the ceiling.  And then you will see a peaceful and tranquil guest bath.


Guest Bathroom Reveal by #beachy #nautical


Are you ready for the journey?  Let me first lower your expectations on the photography.  Despite having a window in the bathroom, the light in this small bath is not that great, nor do I have a good camera.  I did the best I could to give you the truest colors.



The guest bath is a traditional super small bathroom with a sink, toilet, and tub/shower.  This is a true guest bath as it is right next to the guest bedroom and is solely for the use for our overnight guests and anyone who comes to visit.

Look at the picture below… can you see all three shades of purple?




The hole in the ceiling was becoming another member of the family.




We even incorporated it into our Halloween decorations.  And yes, that spider was motion activated to go off when someone used the facilities.  BOOHAHAHAHA!!!!!




The only electrical outlet was on the light fixture close to the ceiling.  We are a family of smurfs, and required an extension cord.




And of course, there was the window in the shower.  Great in theory, but poor in execution.  It was one big mildew mess.




This was more of a budget renovation, as we did not gut the bathroom entirely.  The tub/shower, tile, and toilet remained intact and were not replaced, which was a huge cost savings.

The guest bedroom has a vintage nautical vibe to it, and we wanted the guest bath to coordinate, but not go (get ready for the pun)… overboard …on the nautical/beachy theme.  You will not see any seashells, anchors, whales, or mermaids anywhere.  The goal is to give off that tranquil beach feeling using textures and color.

Are you ready?  Seriously ready?  TA DA!!!



Our property manager, Chris, and his band of talented men did a great job on a lot of unpleasant work.  And then I came in and put on the pretty.

Once the mildew was removed, we installed Durawood blinds from Smith and Noble.  They are moisture and water resistant and a better quality for the shower.  You can see the entire window transformation HERE.


Guest Bathroom Reveal by #beachy #nautical


Moving over to the front side of the bathroom, the walls were painted Benjamin Moore’s Palladium Blue.  This color is a bit of a chameleon as it sometimes looks ice blue and sometimes more minty green.  No matter, it is one of my favorite paint colors to work with.



We replaced the sink/vanity, mirror, light fixture, and added a GFI outlet that anyone can reach.  I ended up going with Pottery Barn for the sink/vanity and mirror.  I sometimes feel like a sell-out with Pottery Barn because they are… so… Pottery Barn.  I looked elsewhere, but PB had exactly what we needed.


Guest Bathroom Reveal by #beachy #nautical


The light fixture came from Restoration Hardware.  And yes, I did mix my metals on purpose.


Guest Bathroom Reveal by #beachy #nautical


I love the vintage look of the faucet and fixtures.  And I’m totally loving that marble.


Guest Bathroom Reveal by #beachy #nautical


Guest Bathroom Reveal by #beachy #nautical


The extra storage space below the vanity is HUGE for a small bathroom.  Two sets of extra towels can fit under here.  I love the sea grass basket.


Guest Bathroom Reveal by #beachy #nautical



Guest Bathroom Reveal by #beachy #nautical


I found this shelf at a yard sale and painted it.  Since this is the guest bathroom, I wanted the shelf to be mostly empty so our guests can use it for their toiletries.  You can see the DIY for the nautical Mason Jar HERE.


Guest Bathroom Reveal by #beachy #nautical


This bead board shelf came from Land of Nod.  I always look through the kids and teen catalogs to find those unique pieces you won’t see anywhere else.


Guest Bathroom Reveal in Palladium Blue by #beachy #nautical #beadboard



You can find the SERENITY Printable HERE and see the DIY with the mother of pearl frame.


Guest Bathroom Reveal by #beachy #nautical


The towels are beach towels from Lands End.  Since they are beach towels, they are over-sized to give our guests a little extra luxury.  I added a matching navy and green ribbon as a shower curtain tie back.


Guest Bathroom Reveal in Palladium Blue by #beachy #nautical #beadboard



I used two rods to hang the shower curtain and the liner.  The shower curtain is a waffle weave, and I bought it at Target.


Guest Bathroom Reveal by #beachy #nautical


This is one of my favorite vintage prints.  The bead board frame coordinates with the rest of the space.

Guest Bathroom Reveal in Palladium Blue by #beachy #nautical #beadboard


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So what do you think about the new guest bath?   Time to dish!

Love, hugs, and serenity is now.


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