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Whether you are curious about growing your first garden, want to learn how to create an organic garden, or want to learn more about homesteading and sustainable living, you’ve come to the right place. Maybe you want to dip your little toe into the water. Maybe you already embrace the lifestyle and want to learn more. All are welcome here.

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About Holly Bertone

Holly Bertone is a Certified Essential Oils Coach, and Certified Natural Health Professional, and prides herself on providing a space that is open to all. No pressure. No judgement. Just accurate and safe information about living a cleaner and greener lifestyle.

Organic Gardening Articles

The Cutest Stinkin Ladybug Hotel DIY

This project was one epic failure after another. I almost gave up. Several times. But persistence paid off and we now have a ladybug hotel in our garden. It's made with 100% sustainable and organic materials and it turned out to be pretty stinkin cute. Even with all...

The Secrets of How This DC Suburb Does Sustainable Gardening

Just 10 miles away from our Nation's Capital, this Alexandria, Virginia suburb boasts several homes which are committed to conservation and sustainable gardening. More than adding a rain barrel, you will be amazed at the beautiful and creative features we found in...

All Natural Weed Killer DIY

Did you know that glyphosate, used in Roundup, is one of the most toxic chemicals on the planet? There are plenty of all-natural ways to eliminate weeds. One of my favorite is this quick and easy weed killer DIY. It's great to use on pavers, sidewalks, and gravel or...

Resources for Organic Gardening and Homesteading

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