DIY Weddings are soooo last year. Eco-Friendly weddings are the hip and trendy and responsible way to tie the knot. Here’s your all-inclusive guide.

DIY Weddings are soooo last year. Eco-Friendly weddings are the hip and trendy and responsible way to tie the knot. Here's your all-inclusive guide.



Invite, delight, and save some trees with gorgeous online invitations.

Online Invitations from



Every wedding needs beautiful flowers. Even though we got married at the Justice of the Peace, I still carried flowers. When properly taken care of, flowers can last anywhere from 3-14 days. How long do you enjoy your wedding flowers before throwing them out? Exactly. Two millennials figured out a creative way to reduce flower waste.



Bloomerent is a marketplace to share your wedding flowers with another event in close proximity. Sharing your flowers helps you save money without sacrificing quality and helps reduce floral waste. All you need to do is connect with a Bloomerent florist directly on their website and list your flowers to be reused or choose to reuse someone else’s flowers. You save anywhere from 10-60% on your centerpieces when you share. Visit Bloomerent and use code 30ee7b for a $50 credit.



Think farm to table, organic, and locally sourced ingredients. Work with your caterer or source directly from your farmer’s market. Also, be cognizant of your guests’ dietary needs and food allergies. Make arrangements for your leftovers to be donated to the local mission, soup kitchen, or even police or fire station.



There are so many options when it comes to being eco-friendly with the dresses. If it’s an option, you can wear your mother’s. Or check out vintage or consignment stores, eBay, or online yard sales on Facebook. There are eco-friendly wedding gown designers out there, and you can find some more casual options at H&M’s eco-friendly line.



If you are considering plants, remember there will be guests who are traveling and won’t want to deal with the mess of the soil. Succulents are a great idea. For a small wedding with local guests, small trees can double as decorations and take-home favors. Support local artisan foods like chocolates, coffee, and jams.



And what would a wedding be without gifts? Yes, you can always go with donations or the like, but if you are looking for eco-friendly gifts for anyone who is a part of the wedding, there are some great options below…


For Her

Ask Bel Monilii about custom bridesmaid gifts and wedding jewelry sets! She can take your 1950s costume jewelry collection (hey, everyone’s grandma or aunt had a special but not so wearable stash of jewelry…) and transform it into one of a kind recycled statement jewelry for your special day.

Bow Earrings from Bel Monili


Cozy and comfy, this Organic Spa Robe transforms any bathroom or bedroom into a relaxing oasis. Made from organic cotton, our robe brings warmth and luxury with a full shawl collar and two patch pockets. Add a monogram to the upper left-side panel to personalize the robe; a thoughtful way to show you care for someone special.

Organic Robe from Pottery Barn



For the Groomsmen

These Bottle Breachers are made with authentic recycled once fired decommissioned .50 caliber ammunition by Veterans in the USA.

50 Caliber Bottle Opener from Bottle Breacher


A Veteran owned company, each bag is hand-made in the United States from military spec fabric and water-resistant American leather.

Travel Kit by Sword & Plough


What a great reminder of you for your true love to wear during the day! 100% eco friendly, recycled bronze.

Collar Stays from Pieces of Indigo


From a Veteran owned company, these beautiful brass cufflinks are crafted from repurposed military jacket buttons. Each button is embossed with the Union Eagle and was manufactured by the Waterbury Button Company in Cheshire, Connecticut.

Brass Military Button Cufflinks from Sword & Plough


From a Veteran owned company, the Brass Money Clip is handcrafted from a .50 caliber brass shell casing! A minimalist’s dream, this beautiful menswear accessory is the perfect way to lighten your wallet load! The malleable brass can be flexed to securely accommodate a few cards and bills. Each piece is one of a kind and hand hammered from repurposed bullet casings.

Brass 50 Caliber Money Clip by Sword & Plough


Recycled/Upcycled Army Tents are used to make these one of a kind Beer Totes! Large enough to carry 2 Growlers (1/2 gallon or German style) comfortably or a 6 pack of your favorite beverage.

Growler Beer Tote from Crooked Oak Design


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DIY Weddings are soooo last year. Eco Friendly weddings are the hip and trendy and responsible way to tie the knot. Here's your all-inclusive guide...



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