The inspiration for this DIY nautical mason jar came from two places.  First, I saw the post from the Quinton Wench – pinned to my Pinterest DIY Board AND added to my DIY folder.  Then… I saw it again on While He was Napping.  I couldn’t help myself.  I had to try.


DIY Nautical Mason Jar by


But… I wasn’t sure about all of those knots.  This is what the project from Quinton Wench looked like.  Beautiful, don’t you agree?


I was afraid.  Very, very afraid!  Then I remembered this rope ribbon I had, and wondered if I could make something similar.  Here’s how it turned out:


DIY Nautical Mason Jar by


 Project DIY


I wanted to make this with a large blue mason jar.  I know I have one in the house somewhere and after 30 minutes of searching, I couldn’t find it.  Sigh…and I pride myself on being uber organized.


The materials were very simple.  I knew I would need some kind of glue.  Hot glue is too thick, and spray glue would make the jar sticky forever.  I didn’t know how using Mod Podge would turn out, but it actually worked quite nicely.  Everything I used for this project, I already had, so nothing was purchased new.


DIY Nautical Mason Jar by


I used two strips of the “rope ribbon” (no clue what it’s officially called so we’ll go with that name ok?).  Turned the Mason jar upside down and glued and wrapped it to cover all four sides.




The hands-on time for this project was mere minutes, but it did take several hours in between for drying time.  Once the bottom was dry, I glued the rope ribbon up each of the four sides of the jar.  The Mod Podge dries clear and actually gave the glass this really nifty tempered look.


Also good to note that I didn’t glue it to the very top – I left the last 1/2 inch or so at the top unglued.




Once the Mod Podge was dry, I carefully cut the rope ribbon at the top.  I wanted enough left to cover the groove at the top, but not go over the top.  Does that make sense?




And then I wrapped it with the jute yarn enough times to cover everything up.  Instead of making it into a lantern, I filled it with wine corks and it now holds a place of honor in the almost finished guest bath.


DIY Nautical Mason Jar by


More Bathroom DIY Projects


See the shelf the jar is sitting on?  Remember that easy DIY?




On the other wall of the bathroom is the DIY serenity sign.


Serenity framed print decor by


While I am still coveting the other ladies beautiful DIY, I think mine turned out pretty good… or at least good enough.  I don’t represent the super crafty person, I represent the normal and average person who likes to DIY once in awhile and I know my limits.  I’m here today to tell you don’t be afraid to try.  At the end of the day, it’s still a lot of fun.


Love, hugs, and not quite at the end of my rope.


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