The debate over the cranberry sauce – canned or homemade – always trumps all other Thanksgiving Day arguments.  Kids fighting over who gets to sit at the adult table… brothers fighting over who is going to win the football game… politics… religion… it all pales in comparison to the most epic Thanksgiving debate of all time.


Cranberry Sauce Recipe by


I mean seriously people…. you want to serve THIS?



Cranberries are little red super foods.  They are high in Vitamin C and fiber and have a crazy amount of antioxidants in them.  What’s not to love?

They are a little tart (ok a lot tart) but be careful of how much sugar you add to sweeten them up.  I don’t use a lot of sugar in this recipe, and swap for sweetness by adding apple cider instead.


Cranberry Sauce Recipe by


Click on the recipe card to open a new window for a printable version.


Cranberry Sauce Recipe by


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I’m almost afraid to ask.  What about you?  Canned or homemade?


Love, hugs, and good things come in small red packages.




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