Chinese New Year always seems to be so mysterious and glamorous to me.  If you are like me and don’t totally understand what it’s all about, here are some great ideas to help you celebrate, and make good luck foods and fun DIY crafts.  Please click on the link or picture to go to the original post.


chinese new year party food craft ideas year of the horse


I’m a pig.  Quit snickering.  What animal are you?


Chinese New Year Calendar




Chinese New Year Party Ideas by Party Pinching


chinese new year desserts, chinese new year party, dragon cupcakes, dragon treats, panda cookies, cherry blossom cupcakes, fortune cookies, chinese takeout boxes, chinese desserts




10 Good Luck Foods for Chinese New Year by



Lucky Foods for Chinese New Year by Atlas Travel Web




Chinese New Year Recipes by Wonder Mom Wannabe

Chinese New Year Recipes


Orange Pork Stir Fry with Feeding Big


Orange Pork Stir Fry with Feeding Big


Orange Ginger Chicken by Kreative Creationz


Orange Ginger Chicken 1




Chinese New Year Crafts by Cats Yellow Days


Chinese New Year Craft Roundup


DIY Clay Fortune Cookies by Lil Luna


DIY Clay Fortune Cookies


Kids Craft by TX Granola Mom


Crunchy and Green: Celebrating Chinese New Year


What about you?  Do you celebrate in a big or small way and if so, how?  What is your favorite Chinese food to eat?


Love, hugs, and Happy New Year!


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