Going through chemo is rough.  These are eight items that a cancer patient could really use while going through chemo treatment.  These items may not be glamorous, but they are practical, and will be greatly appreciated.

Going through chemo is rough. These are eight items that a cancer patient could really use while going through chemo treatment. These items may not be glamorous, but they are practical, and will be greatly appreciated.


This exact chemo care basket was donated to our hospital’s breast cancer silent auction to raise money for their program. I’ve since updated some of the items. When you are going through chemotherapy, people want to DO something. They want to give you things to take away the pain. That is all well and good, but during chemo, daily survival is pretty much all we think about.


Chemo Care Basket for Cancer - What She Really Needs by coconutheadsurvivalguide.com


Chemo Sleep Cap

If you lose your hair while going through chemo, your head gets cold when you sleep.  A soft chemo cap makes sleeping a little more comfortable.



Hand Knit Cozy Socks

I want a pair of these for myself!  They are so soft and cozy warm (not to mention adorable), and perfect to wear during long days of chemo, or while resting at home.  Oh and PS – they were handmade by a cancer survivor.  #love







Chemo does a number on your mouth.  Your mouth tastes like metal, your taste buds don’t work, and your mouth becomes really dry, which causes another list of issues.  Biotene is gentle and was highly recommended by my oncology nurse.




Post-Surgery Mastectomy Drainage Clothing

This post-mastectomy breast cancer hoodie sweatshirt with drain pockets is an affordable, comfortable way to manage drains post-mastectomy, or any other surgery that may require them.


Gratitude Journal

Pink Fortitude’s signature product – Gratitude Builds Fortitude Journal. Your choice of gorgeous designs and lined or dot grid for bullet journaling.


All Natural Eyebrow Pencil

It’s an unfortunate side effect of many chemo treatments, not only do you lose your hair, but also your eyebrows and lashes.  Your eyebrows frame your face, and are easily “fixed” with a little makeup.  I LOVE the Beautycounter all natural and organic line of makeup.



Hydrating Body Lotion

During chemo, your skin gets extremely dry.  And not just dry, but that uncomfortable, itchy dry.  I LOVE Beautycounter’s Hydrating Body Lotion.  Often when going through treatment, your sense of smell is on overdrive, and even the slightest fragrance is bothersome.  An unscented or lightly scented lotion is ideal, and extra bonus when it’s all natural! This lightweight, fast-absorbing body lotion that contains a moisturizing blend of marula, mongongo, and safflower seed oils, plus shea and jojoba butters.






Custom Thank You Cards

During the course of cancer treatment, regardless of what it is, and how long it is, there are many people who will do nice things for the patient.  Custom thank you cards in a cheery design will allow for the message to be personalized, yet not cause undo effort for the patient. PS – Shaina, the owner of the shop, has been my exclusive “card girl” since 2015!




The Coconut Head’s Cancer Survival Guide

The writing is raw – it is an uncensored view of breast cancer treatment and what it’s really like. Holly uses humor and laughter to redefine beauty as she loses part of her breast, all of her hair, and is launched into early menopause. With pop culture references and her quirky sense of humor, Holly’s heartwarming story of love and strength is an encouragement for all women going through cancer treatment.

The Coconut Head's Cancer Survival Guide by Holly Bertone #book #breastcancer


My Mommy Has Cancer

My Mommy Has Cancer was written to help your family heal.  This children’s book was written from a child’s perspective to talk to another child about cancer.  It is age appropriate for five to ten-year-old children.  Parents are encouraged to read through the book first, and then read the book to or with your child and have an open discussion that is best for your family’s situation. Topics include what is most visible to children: surgery, chemotherapy, hair loss, schedule disruption, feeling sad, and helping.  Break-out boxes contain probing questions to help your child talk openly about their feelings and concerns.

Children's Book "My Mommy Has Cancer" by Holly J. Bertone available for purchase on blurb.com


Amazon.com Gift Card

Hours and hours of chemo, hours and hours of not feeling well and laying in bed or on the couch.  Nothing says BEST.GIFT.EVER. more than a gift card to Amazon.com so they can purchase books (real or electronic) to pass the time. On that note, you can even pay for a year’s subscription to Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Netflix so that your loved one can stream movies and TV shows on her phone or tablet while in treatment and at home resting.




Other Items to Include or Give

Send a care package with healthy food and snacks.  You can check out the cancer resources section here on the website for much-needed items like:


You can also read “When a Loved One Has Cancer – What to Say and Do.


Thank you.  Thank you to my dear readers.  Thank you for those who have shopped from my site.  Thank you to those who have become loyal followers and part of our Pink Fortitude family. You aren’t just reading a blog post or purchasing a product, you are giving back and this is just one example of how your support helps.


If you ever want to connect, we are always here to chat!


Going through chemo is rough. These are eight items that a cancer patient could really use while going through chemo treatment. These items may not be glamorous, but they are practical, and will be greatly appreciated.


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