Victory Garden

When we moved, I really wanted a Victory Garden.  When I saw the bocce ball court in the back yard with the raised bed… I knew it would be a fairly quick and easy transformation.

Despite Hubby being Italian… we’re not really a bocce ball family.  But we’re all about living off the land!










As you can see, this transformation was much bigger than just the raised bed…. new fence… new landscaping… but more on that another day.

We got rid of the “court”, then filled the garden with cheap filler soil.  Once it had enough soil base, we added the good soil, plus a lot of manure hummus.  And tilled.  And tilled.  And tilled.  And tilled some more.


Last year was the practice year.  I planted literally everything I could think of to see what would grow in the soil, light, climate, etc.  It was actually pretty funny because I was high on variety but low on quantity and would bring in one green bean and ask who wanted to eat it.  But it was a good experiment to see what crops we needed to focus on.


This summer, the only veggies I’m growing are lettuce (several varieties), green beans, zucchini, and tomatoes.


Everything is thriving and growing!



The other pain point last year was the sump pump.  It poured out into the grass, and left a divit for the flow of water, uneven ground, and the cause for much tripping.  No bueno.  I kept looking at it and looking at it and finally…..

…. why not use the water from the sump pump to water the garden?  The water is flowing down the yard and will end up there anyway.  Why not redirect it and reuse the water?

So we (well… not the “me” part of we…) dug a hole, ran the pipe, and now the sump pump drains in 3 different places into the garden.


The chicken wire fence works for now to keep out the squirrels and critters.  But I’m hoping (earmuffs Hubby) next year “we” can build a more permanent and stable fence for the garden.

Victory Garden



Love, hugs, and eating FREE salad all summer long.