As bloggers, we put it all out there.  Whatever “it” is for us, we open ourselves up to praise, compliments, criticism, and controversy.  We share our families, our homes, our ideas, our crafts, our recipes, and our lives across cyberspace for everyone to see.

Blogging with Integrity - Where Do You Draw the Line? by

You don’t have to be a blogger to get something out of this article, as integrity is a topic that affects all of us every day.  Hopefully some of these topics will cause you to stop and reflect.

This post is meant to be less about me pontificating and more of an interaction and dialog with you.  I will share three scenarios from my own experience, but I want to know what you think.  What have you witnessed?  Where do you stand on these issues?  How would you react?  What would you do?


Scenario #1

Paid posts are an awesome way to make money.  I have declined numerous opportunities for paid posts because the product does not align with my personal and/or business values.  A $100 check is not worth losing my reputation.  I end up taking fewer paid opportunities, but the ones I do take are completely in line with my brand, and I can honestly promote the products to my readers.  In return, the few times I do promote a brand, my readers know that it is legit.

What about you?  Do you ever turn down paid opportunities?  Will you run a sponsored post even if it’s not in line with your blog and brand?


Scenario #2

As bloggers and writers, we all have the “holy grail” publications that we hope to have our work published in one day.  I recently read an article in my HG publication that was a hate-filled rant.  What made the situation worse, was that the author didn’t even have any experience with the topic – she was spewing vile merely for publicity.  It was a hate-filled article published immediately after a similar topic went viral, in hopes to elicit the same response for that publication.  I didn’t speak up for what was right.  I simply lost all respect for that organization to the point where I un-followed them on all social media.

As a blogger, do you write to elicit a reaction, even if it’s not the truth?  What do you do when a trusted brand or fellow blogger buddy crosses the line?  Do you continue to put your stamp of approval on them or do you disengage?  Do you speak up or stay quiet?

Scenario #3

A very popular home and garden collective asked me to feature our home remodel on their Facebook page.  With three quarters of a million followers, how could I say no?  I knew right away when it was posted, as my blog traffic had an immediate spike.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the negativity that followed.  The FB post received close to 100 comments in their thread, almost all of them were not just negative, but downright cruel.  Did I address the negativity?  Did I reply to those who called our home “disgusting, ewwww, ugly and ghetto?”  Nope.  I just ignored them and did what any reasonable blogger would do – I posted a cry for help to my FB Tribes and fellow bloggers came to my rescue with their positive comments.   One week later, this same collective asked to feature another one of our remodels.  I said yes.  Why?  Because this time, I’m prepared for the comments, and it was a huge spike in traffic to my blog.

What would you have done?  Would you have responded back to the negative comments on FB?  Would you have accepted another offer knowing what happened the first time?

Connect and Share

There are never right or wrong answers in any of these scenarios, just our own opinions.  Hopefully these scenarios help you to stop and think about your blog, what you write about, and how you react.  What have you experienced as a blogger?  What was the situation and how did you handle it?  How do you find that place where you draw the line?  Have you ever crossed the line?  Why or why not?


Love, hugs, and trying to do the right thing.


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