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The Autoimmune Stress-Free Holiday Survival Guide

The holidays aren’t always the Hallmark card ideal for many families. Add an autoimmune disease and additional restrictions into the mix, and it can cause extra undue stress to an already stressful time of year. Here are some great tips and ideas to help you manage your autoimmune condition during the holidays and to help you enjoy your time with family and friends.

You Don’t Get a Trophy With Cancer

Over the last decade, we have all witnessed a new generation of children being awarded the ceremonial “trophy” just for showing up.  “Good Effort” is awarded to the slowest kid on the team.  “Best Stripe” is awarded to the Pinewood Derby car that came in last place. ...

Should I Tell My Employer About My Autoimmune Condition?

Should you notify your employer about your AI condition and disability? Unfortunately, we don’t have a crystal ball to help us figure out the correct answer. I’m going to run through several scenarios that will help you to think through your answer, but the only one...

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