Whether it’s cancer or an autoimmune disease or some other chronic illness, it can be tough to find the right present to give to your friend or loved one. Maybe they don’t have a lot of energy, are in pain, or don’t get out much. How do you know what they really want? Or more importantly… NEED? These are the 50+ best gifts to give to someone with a chronic illness (or anyone who wants to be healthier) and for everyone’s budget. Trust me. They will thank you.

Whether it's cancer or an autoimmune disease or some other chronic illness, it can be tough to find the right present to give to your friend or loved one. Maybe they don't have a lot of energy, are in pain, or don't get out much. How do you know what they really want? Or more importantly... NEED? These are the 50+ best gifts to give to someone with a chronic illness (or anyone who wants to be healthier) and for everyone's budget. Trust me. They will thank you. #chronicillness #gift #cancer #autoimmune #pinkfortitude


To make it easier for you, I divided the gifts from least to most expensive. I also included a short blurb about each one because some of these presents may seem a little weird or “out there.” You may wonder, why would this be a good present? Who on earth would want this? Unless you have walked in these shoes, it can be tough to understand the world of having to struggle a little harder than most. These gifts will be well-received and are super practical!

PS – While each of the products is placed into three price categories, please understand if the manufacturer changes the prices and they end up being a little more or less than what they are listed as here.


Best Gifts Under $50


Who doesn’t want to be pampered! Beautycounter has skin care and makeup products that are clean and simple and free of color, fragrance, oxybenzone, DEA, parabens, dioxin, PEG, and phthalates. Shop Beautycounter



Probably one of the most useful gifts is the gift of a health-related book. We have options and recommendations for many different health conditions. And the top 10 recipe books for all nutrition protocols.

Shop Health Books

Shop Recipe Books


Cozy Socks

Forget the fact that a pair of cozy socks is the best gift ever. I mean… who needs diamonds when you have cozy socks, right? But many individuals with health issues have cold feet and/or spend a lot of time at home. These homemade socks are my personal favorite. Shop Cozy Socks.


Daily Tracker

Pink Fortitude’s signature Daily Priorities Tracker is not your standard “to-do” list. It’s a game-changer for those who have some type of chronic illness like cancer or autoimmune disease, limited energy, are in pain, and/or have cognition issues. Completing your tasks at work or home can be more challenging with a chronic illness. This method organizes your to-dos around your energy/pain levels so you can be still productive even when you aren’t feeling well. Shop Daily Tracker



If you’re on a journey to better health, chances are you use Essential Oils. Way too many of the diffusers are just kinda meh. This diffuser is not only beautiful, but has settings up to 4 hours, automatic shut-off, and a choice of colors for your mood and chakra. Shop EO Diffuser.


Dry Brush Kit

Dry brushing is a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system and this set also falls under the pampering category. Shop Dry Brush Kit


Gratitude Journal

Pink Fortitude’s signature product – Gratitude Builds Fortitude Journal. Your choice of gorgeous designs and lined or dot grid for bullet journaling. Shop Gratitude Journal





Himalayan Salt Lamp

Exposure to Himalayan salt lamps has been known to help those with allergies, and respiratory and sinus issues. They have a slight ionizing effect that projects negative ions when the bulb is turned on, and helps to detoxify your room. Best of all – these lamps are totally zen! Shop Himalayan Salt Lamps



Anyone on their way to better health has a NutriBullet to make smoothies galore! It’s seriously one of the most practical gifts ever. Shop NutriBullet



We always opt for organic options when we can. But organic pajamas are not yet mainstream. And as much as their commercials REALLY annoy me, Pajamagram PJ’s are soft and comfy. Shop Pajamas


Pill Bags

Anyone with any kind of health issue, medical condition, or who simply wants to live a healthier lifestyle has their share of medicine, pills, and supplements. These Pill Folds are the cat’s meow. Easy to use, super stylish, and much better than those ugly plastic containers. Shop Pill Folds


Primal Palate Spices

If someone sent me Primal Palate spices, they would be my best friend forever. Yes, they are a little more expensive than your supermarket spices, but they are organic and the most super quality spices ever made. You can literally taste the difference. Shop Primal Palate Spices


Subscription Boxes and Services

Whether it’s the food you eat, the products you use, or even dealing with a lifestyle of fatigue or pain issues, it can be a challenge to find just the right present, whether for yourself or someone you love. These subscription boxes and services hit just the right note, and are the gifts that give all year round. Shop Top 10 Subscription Boxes and Services


Yoga Mat

Yoga is one of the most healing and restorative activities that you can do. For someone with pain and fatigue issues, it’s difficult to exercise, and yoga is the perfect way to get movement into your day. Shop Yoga Mats



Best Gifts Under $100

Air Purifier

A healthy home has healthy air. Did you know that the air inside your home can be 5 times more polluted than outdoor air? Shop Air Purifier


Grounding Mat

Our bodies are full of electricity, and connecting to the ground provides electrical and chemical reactions through our feet. This may help to reduce inflammation, reduce stress, sleep better, increase energy, and even combat jetlag. Earthing is obviously easy and free. Just step outside and onto the grass. But if your home or lifestyle doesn’t support this, there are grounding mats that mimic this practice. You can use them on the floor at your desk or even on your bed. Shop Grounding Mat



InstaPot is all the craze these days. It’s a quick slow cooker, and perfect for anyone who wants a healthy meal without a lot of effort. Shop InstaPot


Laptop Stand

I don’t even want to know how many hours over the years I’ve had to spend on the couch or in bed. This adjustable laptop stand goes everywhere with me. It not only holds your laptop but keeps it off your lap, and helps to minimize EMF exposure. Shop Laptop Stand


Microbe Formulas

High-quality supplements are worth their weight in gold. The quality of Microbe Formulas is the best I’ve ever seen. I’m on their protocol and have been a huge fan for quite some time. Yes, supplements are an odd gift to give, but they are practical and will be well-received. Shop Microbe Formulas


Mighty Maca

Remember those smoothies we discussed earlier? Mighty Maca is one of my favorite superfood powders to add to smoothies. It’s rich in antioxidants and full of fiber, vitamin C, copper, iron, and 20 amino acids. Maca is an adaptogen which may help to enhance energy, mood, and memory and boost sexual health. Shop Mighty Maca


Organic Blanket

Cozy and comfy. Are you noticing a theme? It’s a big part of dealing with some of the adverse effects of having a chronic illness. Organic blankets are a great cozy gift to give. Shop Organic Blankets


Organic Spa Robe

Yeah, so the organic spa robe just one-upped the organic blanket. It’s a toss-up which one would be better. How about both? Shop Organic Spa Robe


Pink Fortitude’s Member Box

The best health and wellness items… delivered right to your doorstep. This is Pink Fortitude’s MemberBox – a monthly subscription box service designed just for you. Catapult your wellness journey with the most trusted products on the market… at significant savings! Shop Pink Fortitude’s Member Box


Swannies Blue Light Glasses

Many people with health issues have problems either falling asleep or staying asleep. Melatonin is the hormone that regulates your sleep/wake cycle, and blue lights from your cell phone, TV, computer, etc trick your body into thinking it’s still daytime. Since it’s impossible to live in a bubble and not be away from our cell phones, tablets, computers and TV’s for any length of time, day glasses for screen glare and classic blue light blockers are a favorite health hack. Shop Swannies Blue Light Glasses


Teeth Whitening System

Just because you may have a health issue, doesn’t mean you don’t care about how you look. Many of the teeth whitening products on the market are full of toxic chemicals. This teeth whitening system is all-natural and really works. Teeth Whitening System


Thrive Market

Thrive Market is like Whole Foods on steroids. Organic, Non-GMO, gluten free, Paleo, vegan, kosher steroids that is. It’s an online store full of the best groceries and home products that are healthier for you. Pay the annual fee for your loved one and let them shop organic products at budget prices. Shop Thrive Market





Best Gifts Over $100

Aquasana Whole Home Water Filtration System

According to testing conducted by the Environmental Working Group, 250 chemicals were detected in American drinking water overall (160 of which are not regulated by the federal government). Even more worrying, 81 percent of systems tested had contaminants that have been linked to cancer. A good quality whole home water filtration system was one of the best investments we’ve ever made. Use code: PINK50 for an extra discount. Shop Aquasana Water Filtration Systems


Avodaco Organic Mattress

Sleeping and spending time in bed is a by-product of many individuals with a chronic illness. Investing in a quality organic mattress that does not off-gas toxic fumes was totally worth not inhaling all of those chemicals. Shop Avocado Organic Mattress



Did you know that 25% of the population is negatively affected by mold? Whether your loved one has mold-related health issues or not, it’s always good to minimize the humidity in your home. Shop Dehumidifier



Traditional DNA testing doesn’t give you the full picture. There’s more to your health than just your DNA. IQYOU is like 23andMe on steroids. It’s not just about DNA. It’s a whole new world called EpiBioGenetics, which looks at DNA, together with other factors such as biochemistry, diet, lifestyle, toxins, and environment to give you a more complete picture of your health. Shop IQYOU


Laptop EMF Radiation Shield

Science is just beginning to uncover the dangers of EMF exposure, especially when it comes to autoimmune disease. To help reduce exposure while on your laptop, use EMF shields specifically designed to reduce the EMF radiation. Shop Laptop EMF Radiation Shield


Mystery Symptom Master Class

Give the gift of hope and healing. Get access to 29 training sessions with world-class experts on fatigue, infections, toxins, inflammation, nutrition, viruses, and more! Shop Mystery Symptom Master Class


Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets may help to improve poor sleep due to anxiety, insomnia, sensory issues, chronic pain, PTSD, autism, ADD, ADHD, RLS, stress, and other sleep disorders. Yes, it’s a bit odd. But I’m addicted! Shop Weighted Blanket


Portable Infrared Sauna

Trying to find a wellness center with an infrared sauna may not only be difficult but also expensive. So are the fully built infrared saunas. Fortunately, they make smaller portable saunas that have the same benefits without the same cost or space constraints. Shop Portable Infrared Sauna


Tiffany Style Medic Alert Bracelet

Traditional medical alert bracelets are pretty ugly. Why not give your loved one a medic alert bracelet that is pretty instead? Shop Tiffany Style Medic Alert Bracelet


Tote Bags

Having a chronic illness means way too many trips to the doctors and even the hospital. Sword & Plough is female-Veteran owned and their totes are made with military surplus materials. Perfect to carry all of your stuff to your appointments. Shop Tote Bags


You are Energy Course

Energy work and EFT Tapping may help to combat anxiety, stress, insomnia, and even anger and other negative emotions. I know personally, this has helped me greatly in times of increased stress, dealing with emotional issues, and falling back to sleep in the middle of the night. Shop You are Energy Course


Are You Ready to Shop?

Oh and PS – if you have a chronic illness, forward this article to your loved ones with a hint-hint!


Whether it's cancer or an autoimmune disease or some other chronic illness, it can be tough to find the right present to give to your friend or loved one. Maybe they don't have a lot of energy, are in pain, or don't get out much. How do you know what they really want? Or more importantly... NEED? These are the 50+ best gifts to give to someone with a chronic illness (or anyone who wants to be healthier) and for everyone's budget. Trust me. They will thank you. #chronicillness #gift #cancer #autoimmune #pinkfortitude


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Love, hugs, and shopping but not dropping.

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