The Homestead is a modest split level circa 1962.  While the home has been remodeled and added on to, the original rooms are still very… um tiny cozy.  Our petite formal dining room has a built in bar nook which is very cool.  We do love to entertain, and always need additional space.


I love a good bar cart as much as any gal… but we don’t want to pay $250-$350 for a nice one.


Bar Cart


I found an old TV stand.  I ended up paying $20.00 for it, which honestly is highway robbery for it’s condition.  But better than the alternative right?




It’s always fun to bring home items that have been tossed aside, knowing I am going to make it into something beautiful (or at least try.)




It was even missing a couple wheels.




I didn’t want to do brass, as it wouldn’t match.  I thought a chrome-esque look would be nice, but even with the metallic spray paint, it didn’t come out right. DO-OVER!   So the final answer was rubbed bronze.


(PS – if you guessed Hales Navy on the walls, you are correct!)




After several coats of the rubbed bronze, I also sprayed the top tray with polyurethane to help protect it from drinks and melting ice.




It’s nothing fancy.  But for $20 plus the cost of a can of spray paint, and 4 new wheels, I’ll take a $30.00 bar cart over a $300.00 bar cart.  Just sayin.




It’s officially 5:00.  Cocktails anyone?

Love, hugs, and CHEERS!


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