Whew.  I knew I was over my head with this one.  But I figured… if I fail miserably… I’ll just paint over it right?!?!?




I have this spot above my command center which could really use a… something.




So I found this at the thrift store for $1.99 minus 20% military discount so it was a total of $1.60.  Very plain and lonely.  But perfect for the spot.  What to do… what to do… what to do…..




This “friendship bowl” is from Anthropologie and it sits to the left of the lonely spot.





Tiled & Dotted Bowl

 [image from anthropologie.com]


Can I copy?  I’m not that talented.  But I can at least try… right?




Step 1: Gather materials.




Step 2:  Make a Plan.

Hummm… maybe “Make a Plan” should come before “Gather Materials.”  Anyhoo…. I couldn’t fly by the seat of my pants on this one.  I needed a plan in writing.



My inspiration for directions came here…and proof that you don’t need to recreate the project to recreate the concept.



Step 3: Spraypaint all white.  I didn’t worry about the middle section as that will be covered with corkboard.



Step 4:  Make a stencil and transfer it onto contact paper.  The plan was to use scalloped scissors but that didn’t work so I just free cut each flower.




Step 5:  Spraypaint navy blue.  (You’ll see it’s actually navy – this picture was a little overexposed.)




Step 6: Peel off contact paper.  Carefully!




Step 7:  Admire work so far.  Will need a little touch up, but holy smokies it’s actually looking like something beyond the DIY skills of a kindergartner.




Step 8: Dab the yellow paint with a paint brush.




Step 9:  Measure and cut cork board.  I was going to add some fabric to it, but decided it looks great this way.

 019 (2)





Step 10:  Add hanger hook thingy.




Step 11:  Stand back and admire!



028 (2)









Wow.  I impressed myself… I had no idea it would turn out this good.  Proof positive that if you consider yourself a DIY Clutz like myself that you have the talent to do these fun DIY’s.  What’s the harm in trying right?  And seriously… if I can kick cancer’s {expletive you know what}… why on earth am I so scared to try the DIY thinking I’m going to fail?????




Love, hugs, and I think I’m officially addicted to DIY!!!!!