I was recently interviewed by the Alive and Well podcast about how to be the best you at work and in your home life even when you have an autoimmune disease.



A few things we talked about:

  • Identifying symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease.
  • How to meaningfully and successfully switch up your diet.
  • Focusing your energy on things you can control, like gratitude and forgiveness.


You can listen to podcast here –> http://aliveandwellpodcast.com/holly-bertone/


Below are some highlights of the conversation:

Understanding Hashimoto’s Disease

“Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease that’s often hard to diagnose. Basically you’ve got a sluggish thyroid and one of the most common symptoms is chronic fatigue which feels like you absolutely need to sleep even when you’ve gotten eight or more hours.”

“It can also affect everything from your bathroom habits to migraines. Not everyone has the same symptoms, since there’s such a variety, but if you think you may have Hashimoto’s pay attention to sensitivity in various parts of the body.”


Shifting Your Diet Can Help

“I decided to eliminate gluten, dairy, and sugar. That alone increased my health and functionality exponentially, which made all the difference in the ways I was able to show up for both work and family life.”

“Sugar is more addictive than cocaine. It’s one of the most inflammatory foods you can eat and the more you consume, the worse off your body really is. Too much gluten and dairy can cause your thyroid to attack itself because they’re perceived as invaders.”

“It’s also really important simply to eat as clean as possible. Don’t think of your food as having ingredients, instead think of food as an ingredient in and of itself.”

“Switching your diet and lifestyle is definitely uncomfortable at first, but you’ll notice the differences in your body and the way you feel after a little while which makes the transition much easier.”


Managing the Symptoms

“Managing stress isn’t easy. You need to find outlets for releasing that stress and centering yourself, whether that be through meditation or prayer. It’s really impactful to practicing forgiveness and thankfulness.”

“Brain fog often comes with Hashimoto’s. It’s sort of like knowing that you know the answer to something, but you’re just not able to get it out. I went from being at the top of my class and climbing the corporate ladder to not being able to remember my own name at times. It was so hard because not only was I aware of the brain fog, but I was also dealing with how that affected my identity.”

“I start my day off with gratitudes and meditating in bed. From there I go into my prayers and forgiveness. Then I go into about five minutes of yoga stretches. It all helps me start my day feeling centered. Once you find a routine that works for you in the morning you should stick to it!”


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Love, hugs, and being alive and well.

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