We are blessed to have two fireplaces in the homestead.  One is gas, the other traditional wood.  The wood fireplace is in the keeping room, just off the kitchen.  One of our favorite things on a cold day or night is to get a nice warm fire going.


fireplace transformation


But…. the aesthetics of the fireplace when we moved…. meh.  Not to mention it was built on top of carpet.  Not ideal, let alone safe.







Here’s a close up of how it looked before.




In progress….




Seriously… it was built on top of carpet.  I kid you not.




Soooo…. while the work was being done, the fireplace was stored on the porch.  Although dry and under cover, it still rusted.  Ugh.




A little heat-proof paint and some wonderful tile work on the floor and wall….


fireplace transformation


See how the fireplace wall tile now matches the wall tile in the kitchen?  The camera makes it look a little different, but it’s the same color.


Kitchen Command Center for the Ultimate in Organization by coconutheadsurvivalguide.com


The floor tile was left over from the boys’ bathroom remodel.  It’s commercial grade Italian ceramic tile.  Can you say indestructible?


fireplace vignette


We have a station for all things needed to run an efficient fire place… logs, kindling, newspapers, lighter, and cleaners.


fireplace transformation


This chair used to be in the library, but after I saw my father curled up by the fire with his Kindle sitting on a wooden kitchen chair… I knew we needed something snugglier.  My mom knitted the blanket years ago.  The pillow was on clearance at Target.


fireplace transformation


Love, hugs, and I’m not moving any time soon.


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