Anyone who knows me, knows that my DIY skills are average at best, so today I’m declaring this 4th of July craft a kids craft.  I won’t be as embarrassed this way.  Yes, I made it.  Yes, it looks like a kid made it.  So I’m going with it… it’s now officially a kids craft!  And it’s a creative use and repurpose for old paint sticks.


4th of July Kids Craft by #flag #diy


8 paint sticks

red, white, and blue paint – acrylic recommended.

paint brush

hot glue gun

painters tape

star shaped foamies, stickers, stamps, anything.

*Parental Supervision Recommended*



This craft is best for older elementary school kids and because of paint and a hot glue gun, parental supervision is recommended.  I used old paint sticks.  Thirteen of them made the flag look out of balance, so I chose seven sticks instead.  You can either use spray paint (be sure your child wears a mask over their nose/mouth) or acrylic paint.   Paint four of the sticks red, and three white.




Take another paint stick and hot glue it diagonally to the back of the sticks.




Take a couple pieces of painters tape, and tape off a section for the blue field, and paint it blue.  Add your star shapes – whatever you have – foamies, stickers, stamps, etc.  Outline the stars, remove the stickers, and paint white.




I used spray paint and acrylic paint both, but acrylic paint is recommended for this project.


4th of July Kids Craft by #flag #diy


The final product is a cute version of the American flag.


4th of July Kids Craft by #flag #diy


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Love, hugs, and stars and stripes forever.




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